Innibos Liquor and Smoking Policy

Aim and Background

The Innibos aim is to create a healthy and safe atmosphere where art and entertainment can be enjoyed by festival goers of all ages.

Alcohol use among underaged children is a serious problem. Apart from the fact that it is illegal, it contributes to serious consequences for the youth and the community.

We endeavour to encourage responsible alcohol use among adults

The Innibos liquor licence is subject to alcohol use on the festival grounds in adherence with the country’s liquor law requirements.

Innibos Alcohol Policy

The following policy is applicable for Innibos:

No private alcohol may be brought onto the premises.

Innibos has the right to search festival goers at the entrance gates and on the grounds for alcohol. All alcohol found on any festival goer may be confiscated. Should alcohol be found on a minor, it will not only be confiscated, but the person will be accompanied to the SAPD/On-the-Feet Area where parents will be contacted to remove said person from the premises.

In accordance with the law (Liquor Act [No. 59 of 2003] ) as well as the Innibos Liquor Policy, no person under the age of 18 will be allowed to purchase or use alcohol on the premises.


South Africa has a very strict smoking policy and Innibos is by law bound to adhere to these policies. Strict measures are in place and both Innibos and festival-goers are therefore subject to these laws.

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